Creative Advertising Marketing Agency

Serving several industries as advertising agency and marketing company. LMG offers a wide variety of advertising and marketing services in Los Angeles and throughout the United States.

Advertising Agency

Los Angeles is a great location for any creative tech company to be in. The talents an agency in Los Angeles can draw from are stunning. This makes it even more interesting for us as an advertising agency to offer our Los Angeles advertising agency services to companies from around the world. As full service and creative advertising agency in Los Angeles California we offer all types of advertising services including all digital channels, online advertising as well as print advertising solutions …

Marketing Agency

Our services in the area of marketing are very diverse and include online marketing such as search engine marketing, social media marketing and influencer marketing. Most popular are our Facebook marketing, Twitter marketing, Pinterest marketing and Instagram marketing services. As Los Angeles marketing agency our services are always at the leading edge of curent pop culture and society trends. International and California based companies can benefit from many of our marketing services …

Creative Agency

Creative and design work is a crucial part of presenting a brand or company. From creative design for social media advertising or video creation and live video streaming the range of our creative services are always tailored to each project and cusomter branding decision. Our creative services go alongside and support all of our advertising and marketing services. Clearly the creative involvement in any of our services goes hand in hand with the demand of our customers and their industries ..


One of our specialties as maketing agency is influencer marketing. Due to the high demand in quality and growth in this industry we’ve created our influencer marketing service. LMG started out with the aim of connecting respected social media influencers from many different niches and industries with quality brands seeking to benefit from influencer marketing. Because of our satisfied clients and influencers we’ve advanced into one of the leading influencer marketing agencies world wide.


One of the most effective ways of driving traffic to your website is social media marketing. It has become fastest way of attracting new customers to any business these days. As crucial as it may seem many companies have not been able to benefit as much from social media as they could or made it a major part of their business. The fast growing influence of companies benefiting from social media marketing is a clear indicator of how important social media has become in todays day and age.

However for most business staying on top of social media trends can be very time consuming and expensive. Finding the ideal targeted customer groups requires many in-depth research and highly skilled marketing and avertising professionals to get the most out of a social media campaign.

Why Choose LMG Media

With a wide variety of advertising and marketing solutions LMG Media offers services with a trusted trackrecord including successful advertising campaigns and online marketing strategies. With over 5 years experience in creating successful marketing solutions and advertising campaigns for companies in Los Angeles and world wide LMG Media offers cutting-edge solutions to it’s clients.