As influencer marketing agency Los Angeles we connect advertisers with influencers in the United States and world wide. lifestyle influencers, travel influencers, fashion influencers and technology influencers of all sizes. Providing a wide selection on macro or micro influencers on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter with quality monetization partnerships.


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LMG MEDIA Influencer Marketing Agency in Los Angeles

Our passion is connecting brands in multiple industries with their target audiences.

Our methods focus on data driven selection of relevant influencers for our clients.

 Our team of specialists includes influencer project managers, designers, developers and social media experts.

LMG MEDIA Accelerating Your Digital Marketing With Los Angeles Influencer Services

Connecting influencer with lifestyle brands in Los Angeles and world wide:

  • Los Angeles influencer with global brands
  • Los Angeles based companies with influencers world wide
  • Servicing all English and Spanish speaking countries

Over the last decade, we have witnessed a massive growth of social media, with well over 45% of the global population actively using one or more social media platforms. Social media, with its innovative new approach to internet communication, has revolutionized the way we interact with one another and how we share knowledge. But communication and community aren’t the only things that benefit from social media, and it’s not really the primary reason for its popularity.

Birth to social media influencers, an interesting and idealistic phenomenon which is a new breed of celebrities, accessible to all and without the strict boundaries and limitations of traditional media, is certainly one of the main aspects of social media’s success.

What Is Social Media Influencer Marketing?

Individuals with a large active social media following are known as social media influencers when they work with companies to promote products and services. This is known as social media influencer marketing. Most social media influencers are also bloggers or Vloggers creating content on several platforms including YouTube or other video sharing communities and promoting their content.

Understanding Influencer Marketing And Why It Is So Effective

For most businesses social media marketing has become an essential part of their every day business. Seeing a direct impact on business growth however can take time. With the help of social media influencers growing ones social media following can increase the awareness of your business rapidly.

How To Grow Your Business with Influencer Marketing

Finding the Influencer marketing strategy that works best in your industry and your products is key to running successful influencer marketing campaigns. Finding out how much social media influencers charge for your desired reach is very important. The amount influencers charge for promoting products will largely depend on the industry and competition as well as their amount of social media followers.

Why Los Angeles Influencers?

Establish trust and awareness with your target audience

Influencers can generate long-lasting brand awareness

Quality influencers can develop into social media brand ambassadors for your company

Regardless of whether you are an established business, startup, or a solo marketer in Los Angeles who wants to reach the target audience, choosing the right brand influencer is a sure way to enhance your marketing techniques and spread your products and services like Wild Wild West!

Los Angeles influencers with their omnipresence on myriad social media platforms, have become a major medium for brands and marketers to push their products, services and values in a trusted and compelling manner to generate social equity and viralety.

Anecdotal narratives are an effective way to “behind the brand” and steer your audience to connect on a more personal level. And who better than social media influencers to engage customers and fans and bond like never before?

A number of brands have already recognized the power of influencers to capture and grow a loyal audience with pinpoint targeted marketing efforts. And there lies the real potential of enlisting Los Angeles influencers to become your marketing partner and take your brand that extra mile!

Significance of Social Media Influencer Marketing for Businesses

Social media influencers are people like you and me who have made a name for themselves in their particular area of expertise. Constantly active and sharing either original work or valuable content with their followers, these influencers are highly revered in their community. They have built a brand for themselves, which is not just visible online but also offline through social media marketing. This includes blogging, microblogging (Twitter), photo sharing (Flickr, Instagram), video sharing (YouTube), and social networking (Facebook, LinkedIn).

With the incredible increase of social media users and the introduction of social media networks, their influence has grown, and there will be no stopping of it.

Increase Your Trust & Brand Awareness

Influencers promoting your brand to their targeted niche audience creates trust & authority.

Influencers have a significant impact on the social media market, driving consumers to products and services and attracting new, and more importantly, younger users for social networks. They are creating brand awareness for businesses and providing information about existing products and services. The use of influencers generates likes, activates users, and ultimately translates to sales. Having the right influencer or spreading influencer marketing can be the defining factor in the success of a company or product.

Defining Factor in the Success of Your Brand

Influencers promoting your brand to a targeted active audience expands your brand awareness.

 In response to the growing importance of social media influencers, savvy marketing and PR experts have made them part of their strategies for their ability to promote a product and create brand awareness.

When building your brand, you may want to consult with an agency that can help you choose the right influencer for the job. But how to know a good one from a great one? 

At LMG Media, we have partnerships with quality Los Angeles influencers. By finding the right influencer who has the connections and following that you seek, we  grow brand awareness, traffic and increase conversion.

Accessible, Effective & Achievable

Influencer campaigns establish trust with active niche audiences interested in your brand and products.

Influencer marketing, in comparison to any other marketing channels, is actually accessible. It gives businesses a chance to get heard, stand out, and spread their brand through social media channels. Social media influencers are a good investment for any company, be it large or small. Influencer marketing uses a much more efficient, cost-effective, and incisive approach to more traditional forms of advertising. Due to the nature of social media influencers, social media marketing delivers to you, the customer, information you are interested in, and wanted to know before asking any questions.

How Do Influencers Work To Increase Sales?

By personalizing content, products and advertisements influencers are able to create instant trust and brand recognition – similar to traditional celebrity endorsements.

The process can be more streamlined and time efficient with the help of a quality influencer agency like LMG Media.

By making content, products, and advertisements more personal and accessible, Los Angeles influencers garner an important element of trust, which increases their audience’s trust in them, as well as your brand. Their word carries more weight than your brand’s or product’s because they are not as ‘corporate’ as your average ad. Potential customers pay attention to what an influencer thinks about a product or service, and they take it as their own.

As far as the process of purchasing is concerned, it is made easier and more convenient, which leads to more sales. And as more people join the platform, social media becomes more influential, since it is relatively faster and more effective to spread the word than any other forms of marketing.

Why Choose LMG Media?

LMG Media brings you the true power of effective influencer marketing in Los Angeles. Helping your business grow bigger, better, and bolder than ever before. With our established relationship with many prominent Los Angeles and California based influencers, we help you build authentic, converting, and consistent relationships with your target audience.

Get in contact with us and discover how we can help you and your business grow!

The age of social media and the incredible impact of social media influencers have opened to the door to a variety of social media marketing companies. At BrandName, we do more than promoting your business; we equip it with data-driven strategies and solid analytics, which is the key to successful social media marketing. Our partnership with leading influencers in every niche ignites your products and services to be seen, heard, and favored by the right audience. Some of the reasons why we stand out from the crowd:

1. We are Los Angeles influencers ourselves. Being from a broad spectrum of fields like sports, entertainment, media, fashion, art, music, etc., we know how to implement social media marketing strategies that resonate with your target demographics.

2. We can guarantee a high degree of expertise, whether we are talking about community management, writing, content creation, graphic design, photo editing.

3. Our network of influencers and affiliates reach 450 million users a month.