Micro influencer marketing agency. Discover the power of micro influencers. We connect advertisers with micro influencers. Providing micro lifestyle influencers, micro travel influencers, micro fashion influencers, micro fitness and micro tech influencers of all types on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and Facebook with quality monetization partnerships.


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LMG Media
Leading Agency for Micro Influencer Marketing

Our passion is connecting brands with micro influencers and their target audiences.

Our methods focus on data driven selection of relevant micro influencers and highly targeted conversion driven campaigns for our clients.

 Our team of specialists includes influencer project managers, designers, video editors, developers and social media experts.

Our micro influencer services span many different styles and business objectives of all sizes. From simple targeted individual micro influencer strategies, to advertising campaigns that including multiple style of micro influencers and industries. As well as full branded production influencer campaigns with relevant conversion and performance marketing metrics…

When it comes to strategic influencer marketing in any industry one key term comes to mind:  MICRO INFLUENCERS. Increasing conversion rate, highly targeted audiences and high ROI. are just a few benefits of working with micro influencers. By connecting brands with relevant micro influencers, we are able to create targeted social media growth and website traffic.

Matching the right micro influencers and nano influencers with brands looking to benefit from high ROI and industry specific audiences. Can be a very time consuming and sometimes risky endeavor.  Our industry experience can help you find the right micro influencers for your business and advertising campaigns. Whatever your desired outcome might be. 

How Micro Influencer Marketing Works

For many brands Influencer marketing is clearly the best way to grow. With the shift of power from big advertising companies directly to the hands of the consumer micro influencer marketing has developed into a natural continuation when looking at optimizing advertising ROI. Consumer trust with the help of micro influencers  is the key factor in todays market place and influencers provide exactly that. Finding trustworthy and reliable micro influencers is even greater than with regular influencers. Giving the advertiser an even higher growth potential on ROI. This is the reason more and more brands choose to work with a micro influencer marketing agency like LMG Media.

Matching your the right micro influencers with your brand can be a tidies and time consuming process. With the right strategies aligning your brand identity with the micro influencers can be a very smooth process. However, before this is done a clear strategy needs to be developed specific to your brand’s needs…

At LMG Media we handle all parts of influencer contracting between your brand and the MICRO INFLUENCERS. Negotiations on key elements, from brand identity to specific product specs are key elements of influencer contracting. Micro influencers can often be easier to work with when it comes to contact creation overall.

Aligning the unique style of each micro influencer with your brand takes good content creation. High quality influencer production and content creation are a very important aspect for us and our micro influencers. The production quality of micro influencers can vary a lot. We support our micro influencer production closely.


One of the trendiest micro influencers are clearly lifestyle influencers. Micro lifestyle influencers  are a great choice for brands in all sorts of industries beyond the classic lifestyle segments.

Clearly a trend on YouTube, Instagram or Tiktok. Micro travel influencers are a fast growing group of influencers. More and more people are turning to travel micro influencers when researching their next vacation. 

Fashion brands of all sizes are turning to micro fashion influencers to promote their brand. Fashion micro influencers promote top fashion labels as well as small fashion boutiques and upcoming designers.

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Until recently  influencers with social media following of over 100,000 dominated the influencer marketing space. Now more and more brands prefer to work with several micro influencers (following of 10,000-100,000)

Micro influencers can help brands achieve many marketing objectives. From brand positioning to sales growth. Micro influencers can be crucial in todays competitive market environment. Similar to regular influencers, but on a more compact scale. Consumers have become very selective in who they trust. This is advantage of micro influencers. The have a following that trust their expert opinion. An expert opinion that can increase trust in a brand or product.

Micro influencers have a following that trusts them. In todays global online marketplace for many consumers trust is the deciding factor when completing a purchase. This trust is the added value micro influencers can create for your brand. And with that trust can come an increase in sales and brand growth.

Finding the right micro influencers to work with your brand and promote your products or services can be a very time consuming process. Many variables need to be considered in order to find the right match for your brand. Having an experienced partner on your side , like a quality micro influencer agency, can save you a lot of time and money.

The best way to partner with the right micro influencers, is through an experienced influencer agency, that specializes in micro influencers. As this will save you a lot of time and energy on your part.

There are many ways to contact micro influencers you are interested in. However, we suggest going through an influencer agency that specializes in micro influencers to discuss your project in detail before even looking for micro influencers yourself.

This will largely depend on the type of following and fan-engagement the influencer has. Most micro influencers charge between $300-1000 per post.

Finding and working with the right micro influencers for your brand in be very tricky and time-consuming. A good influencer agency that specializes in micro influencers can supply you with many advantages for your brand.