Influencer marketing agency connecting advertisers with influencers. Providing lifestyle influencers, travel influencers, fashion influencers of all types on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and Facebook with quality monetization partnerships.


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LMG Media
Leading Agency for Micro Influencer Marketing

Our passion is connecting brands in multiple industries with their target audiences.

Our methods focus on data driven selection of relevant influencers for our clients.

 Our team of specialists includes influencer project managers, designers, developers and social media experts.

We manage influencer marketing campaigns in many different styles and sizes. From individual micro influencer strategies, to multi-influencer campaign management with digital design and relevant performance marketing metrics…

By connecting brands with relevant micro influencers, we are often able to create long lasting brand-ambassador-relationships between our clients and quality influencers. It all starts with developing targeted and relevant strategies…

We know the different influencers and their various communication styles. This experience helps us find the right influencers for your business. Whatever your desired outcome might be. We can find the right influencer channels…


How Micro Influencer Marketing Works

Influencer marketing is clearly a phenomenon of the social media generation. With the shift of power from brands directly to the hands of the consumer and an explosion of product choices. Consumer trust is the key factor in todays market place and influencers provide exactly that. Finding trustworthy and reliable micro influencers who can provide the needed audience trust in your brand is why more and more brands choose to work with an influencer marketing agency like LMG Media.

Connecting with the best micro influencers for your brand can be a tidies and time consuming process. However, before this is done a clear strategy needs to be developed specific to your brand’s needs…

At LMG Media we handle all parts of influencer contracting. Starting with negotiations on key elements of your brand with the desired Influencer talents. Including scope, purpose and timing…

Connecting the influencer’s unique style of communicating with their audience and your targeted brand or product message is key to the success of your brands influencer marketing campaigns…


One of the trendiest influencers are clearly lifestyle influencers. This broad term can include advice about different lifestyle choices from all walks of life.

In the world of travel influencers you will find the best sources for tips and hidden secrets when going on a vacation or planing your next travel adventure.

Fashion influencers are clearly the go to source for anything remotely related to fashion. From fashion week meetups all the way to designer accessory trends.