Essential Influencer Contracting Tips

influencer marketing contracts

Once a brand agrees to work with an influencer it is important to finalize the agreement in writing. To often verbal agreements are used, followed by discussion on unclear parameters of an influencer  campaign after the fact. A clearly defined contract benefits both the involved influencer and the brands. By setting parameters and desired outcomes […]

Understanding Influencer Marketing and Why It Is So Effective

Understanding Influencer marketing

Influencer Marketing: The Future Paradigm Of Online Marketing If  I ask, do you engage yourself in social media? Your answer will be yes. Or if somebody asks you, do you follow people on social networking sites most probably your answer will be yes again.  Now social media specifically social networking sites are becoming part of […]

Top Luxury Lifestyle Influencers

top luxury lifestyle influencers

Many luxury lifestyle influencers produce quality content with lots of engagement. When comparing lifestyle bloggers, the luxury nich is one of the most sought after by advertisers. However, finding the right lifestyle influencer specializing in the right area of luxury lifestyles can be very time consuming. Most lifestyle influencers specializing in luxury lifestyles often run […]