Essential Influencer Contracting Tips

Once a brand agrees to work with an influencer it is important to finalize the agreement in writing. To often verbal agreements are used, followed by discussion on unclear parameters of an influencer  campaign after the fact.

A clearly defined contract benefits both the involved influencer and the brands. By setting parameters and desired outcomes in writing before the actual work starts on by the influencers the scope of the work is clear to all parties.

Influencer contracting is essential for a clear business relationship concerning all parties involved. Influencer contracts are more specific than regular gig-contracts, as they involve specific parameters for both the advertiser and the influencer.

Below we highlighted some important aspects of influencer contracting that every influencer contract or written agreement between advertisers and influencers should have.

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Influencer Marketing Contracts

Influencer Marketing Agreements

One of the most important parts of influencer marketing is the contract between the advertiser and the influencer. Influencer contracts are a vital part of influencer marketing, as the expectations need to be agreed on from both the influencer and the advertiser.

Influencer Contract Templates

For simple influencer campaigns an influencer contract template can be sufficient. The more detailed the influencer campaigns become the less an influencer contract template will work.

Templates can be found at many different places online. Sources the one that fits you best, will depend on your campaign details.

On the other hand influencer marketing agreements do not necessarily have to be written contracts. As long as both parties have clearly defined and discussed the expectations and scope of the influencer campaign, a simple agreement can be sufficient.

Influencer contract Checklist

When creating an influencer contract from scratch, it is highly recommended to start with a checklist on all the important aspects that need to be covered with an influencer campaign.

influencer contract checklists can be very helpful define parameters and expectations for the influencer contract.

Social Media Brand Ambassador Contract

Working with brand ambassadors on social media is another more advanced way of building a community around your brands and company. Usually influencers who work with a specific company several times evolve to being a social media brand ambassador over time.

Social Media brand ambassadors will have more in-depth knowledge of the brands they are working with. Closely following and co-developing brand identity and the social media narrative around a brand or company.

For a company to work with a brand ambassador trust needs to be establish first in form of single influencer campaigns. If there is a match on several level a brand ambassador relation ship can be built over time with a social media brand ambassador contract that can be very detailed and can involve several months or years. 

Instagram Influencer agreements

Until today many influencers use Instagram as part of their social media strategy. Some influencer focus most of their efforts on Instagram.

When companies only want to improve their Instagram following and brand identity, focusing on Instagram influencers is the best way to go and an agreement needs to be in place, for both parties to be clear on their expectations and delivery.

YouTube influencer Agreements

We all know YouTube has grown on a scale that is beyond anyones imagination. With it, content creators are uploading thousands of videos each second. Many of these vloggers and video creators have become respected influencers, cross promoting their videos and several social media networks. 

As video is a very detailed medium it is vital that an influencer agreement is in place when working with YouTube influencers.