Fashion Blogger Versus Fashion Influencer

For the longest time, people turned to the icons of society to find the best trends in fashion. This statement is solidly backed by the almost two centuries of white weddings that were influenced by none other than Queen Victoria.

When print media became widely available, it was now the turn of newspapers and other publications to influence the choices that lovers of fashion. This was then turned into an oligarchy of sorts when the top-tier fashion editors partnered with glossy magazines to come up with publications exclusively devoted to fashion.

While every century has seen maybe one, or two different disruptors of the norm, right now it is the turn of the internet to disrupt life in ways unprecedented. Thus, was born the fashion blogger and the fashion influencer. They both seem like they do the same thing, but is that really what it is?

What is The Difference Between fashion bloggers and fashion influencers?

While it may look like the blogger and the influencer do the same thing, that’s not really the case. What they do have in common is their use of the internet. However, how they go about using it is what’s different.

How They Are Different

A blogger is someone who has created their own property on the web, usually their own websites, whether free or a paid setup. They will then use this website to pen down their own original ideas and share them with the general population. These ideas can range anywhere from what to feed your dog, to how to look stylish at a budget of $200 or less. 

An influencer on the other hand will rely on the platforms already available to them to help pass their message. This could be platforms such as the various social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter, or even video sharing sites such as YouTube.

The general idea behind an influencer is to use their platform to get their followers to do something. In this case, the influencer could want people to go buy the latest that some fashion line has to offer. In most cases, an influencer will be paid to promote products from certain fashion houses or lines.

Where They Converge

While there is a marked difference between the blogger and the influencer, it doesn’t always mean that the respective professions will stick to their lanes in doing what they do. In very many prominent cases, you find that both will tend to blur the lines between themselves.

An influencer will not necessarily need a blog to help push their agenda. Most fashion influencers either have a dedicated blog or website. Some prefer to only have video vlogs. Basically there is no rule that does not stop them from getting their own fashion blog to pass their own ideas. This is not usually the case though.

What is more common is having a blogger becoming an influencer. Bloggers are known and loved for their original ideas. Over time, they will gather enough of a following that it becomes an option for the blogger to become an influencer. While they typically will still provide their original ideas, they will pepper them with paid products and other promotional material.