Why Fashion Influencers On YouTube Are Trending

Youtube, boasting well over 2-billion monthly visitors, is a veritable hotbed for fashion influencers, not surprising considering how this media allows people to share their tips and ideas with others from all over the world.

The Youtube platform, in conjunction with Instagram (itself a major hub for fashion influencers), helps fashion and lifestyle fans share, vote, like, comment, and subscribe to adored personalities.

Fashion Influencers on YouTube – Who Are They?

Fashion influencers might be makeup artists, clothing designers, stylists, models, or even expert reviewers; however, one thing they all share in common is their tendency to showcase their talents on Youtube as well as other social media platforms. Fashion influencers are a new breed of social media stars. They are individuals with a strong following, who either teach something to the world or present the world with the alluring display of their personal style.

They all excel in creating a clear point of view, communicating, and being themselves. Their charisma, along with their passion for fashion, ensures each of them gains thousands and even millions of loyal fans who support their actions and decisions.

Spreading Fashion Ideas

Today’s fashion influencers, apart from showing off their personal style, are focused on doing social good. They teach their followers how to dress in a way that is significant to themselves as well as a representative of their values. Consider fashion influencers to be the new go-to experts when it comes to style inspiration.

For example, makeup artist Jeffree Star has a huge following of over 16-million subscribers. He is renowned for his stunning beauty looks, especially for his colorful eye makeup. In the last year, Jeffree has gained worldwide attention for his makeup collection and has managed to raise over $500,000 for the Los Angeles LGBT Center. Meanwhile, fashion vlogger Jessica Amlee, creator of the channel, Amlees World, is well-known for her beauty hacks along with fashion and fashion inspiration. Recently, Jessica Amlee has been organizing clothing swaps for her massive online community to get rid of their old clothes and to find something new and exciting to wear.

What Fashion Influencers Can Do for Brands

Today’s marketing landscape demands businesses, marketers, and brands to create an engaging, interactive, and integrated social media presence. One of the best ways to do this is by reaching out to popular influencers. Influencers also make excellent brand ambassadors and mouthpieces for their business partners.

By connecting with niche-specific influencers, the business gets the opportunity to connect with their fans and potential customers in a manner, personal and authentic. It also helps them establish a personal relationship with their audience, further helping them to create a bond and an affinity with each and every one of them.

Overall, a fashion influencer can play a major role in helping a business spread its word, launch new products, services, or advertisements and enhance the overall brand image without having to invest much time and money in.

The rise of the fashion influencer is something many people working in the world of marketing and advertising are extremely excited about. However, apart from the benefits for businesses and brands, fashion influencers also play a huge role in helping millions of their followers see fashion in a new light, making it more enjoyable and inspiring for them to create a look that speaks for who they really are.

How to Find the Best Fashion Influencers on Youtube?

By building personal relationships with a new breed of influencers, marketers and brands can enhance their presence on an engaging platform. YouTube is an excellent vehicle for building a personal and interactive relationship with influencers, where audiences can see the passions and lifestyles of the influencer while sharing their own life experiences.

There are numerous ways of finding the right fashion influencer to work with

Identify your target audience: marketers need to clearly define who their audience is in the first place. Mapping and identifying the target audience and identifying influencers who can reach and influence them is the key to a successful social media campaign.

Look at Statistics

Yes, that’s right. But we can’t argue with the math and stats. Social media analytics, such as YouTube, give us a number of factors and data to help us make the right choices. By looking at comments, likes, shares, and other numbers, we can see which influencers are doing best, so we can analyze their fan base and make an educated guess that will lead to the right path.

Type of the Video

Discovering the types of videos the influencer has created is key to finding the right influencer. We have to define our needs and preferences and find the most suitable personalities by looking at their portfolios and finding the right match for us.

Use Youtube Marketing Tool

VidIQ is a prominent YouTube marketing tool that lets you browse through thousands of videos and discover similar ones, analyze the tags, and find the most popular influencers and channels on YouTube. One of the best options that help marketers find their way through the sea of fashion influencers is by finding out which channels are the most successful by looking at their videos’ watch time, engagement rate, average duration, and even the location of their viewers.

Popular Fashion Influencers on YouTube

Youtube, as the most influential, innovative, and popular video platform, is rich with numerous personalities with a passion for fashion and lifestyle. Although not all of them focus on tutorials or reviews, but rather they show their style sense and bring an innovative and vivacious personality to their videos. Enlisted are some of the most known fashion Influencers on YouTube:

Tess Christine – Tesschristine123

Tess Christine is a beauty and lifestyle vlogger, who has 2.39M subscribers on her YouTube channel. Although Tess Christine is an NYC-based blogger, there’s nothing suburban about her work. Most noteworthy is her God-given talent of fashioning anything — it doesn’t matter it’s sparkling or vintage.

She is one of the first few vloggers who put any effort into making her videos 100% unique, with an original set and music. Tess Christine Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tesschristinexo/

Zoe Sugg – MoreZoella

Zoe Sugg is a popular fashion Influencer and a Beauty and lifestyle vlogger who has 11.5M subscribers on her YouTube channel. She shares her makeup hauls, and life gives a lot of beauty tips and lifestyle tips on her channel.

Her videos, in the past, at times have been a ‘drama,’ but still, she is a popular UK-based YouTube personality and has a huge fan base all across the world.

Vanessa Zilleti – MagicoTrucco

Holding the number 3 spot on our list, Vanessa Zilleti is an Italian-based fashion influencer with close to 346K subscribers to her YouTube channel. Sharing a lot of beauty product reviews and makeup tutorials, Vanessa is a self-taught and natural beauty who has an impressive eye for detail. Vanessa Zilleti blog


Fashion influencers on YouTube are a type of social media personality who enjoys a loyal and dedicated following due to their clear point of view, passion for fashion, and charisma. With an enormous fan base on distinct social platforms, they can play a pivotal role in helping businesses and individual marketers build their brands and create a lasting impression on their target audience.