Who Are The Top Lifestyle Influencers On Instagram In 2022

Social Media & Influencers

Nowadays, social media in terms of brand marketing is largely based on influencers, the same goes with most popular social media platform Instagram.  Influencer marketing has been highly popular over the past years and supposedly it will keep on growing in the coming years. It is for the fact that often customers tend to believe influencers more than celebs.   

Lifestyle Influencers

When it comes to lifestyle influencers on Instagram, they hold their amazing fan following all around the world. Lifestyle is the vast category on Instagram that allows bloggers to inspire global audiences with varieties of topics such as travel, home, food, family, beauty and fashion. They can easily appeal to diverse audiences by sharing content mostly related to their work, routine, interests or everyday life; audiences find it more genuine and relatable. 

If you are seeking inspiration why not take a look at top lifestyle bloggers on Instagram as they also became the eye candy for many brands to get them for the influencer marketing campaign.  

Best Lifestyle Influencers on Instagram

Here we bring to you the list of some best influential, lifestyle bloggers to know them briefly.  

Zoe Sugg

Also has her youtube channel in the name of Zoella, she creates and posts content about fashion, lifestyle and beauty. After being successful as a lifestyle blogger she further her career with her own line of beauty products in the name of ‘Zoella Beauty.  She creates interesting and exciting videos of almost all types thus she reaps millions of followers on Instagram. 


Through her effort and presence she has gained immense popularity on youtube and known one among the best lifestyle influencer, these days she is mainly active on Instagram.  She is a fun person with a creative and blissful mind. Zoella and Zoe Sugg are the two Instagram accounts of her with altogether 10.8 millions of followers. 

Janni Deler (@jannid)

The reason why lifestyle influencers are very much popular in the audience is they share and invite people in their lives also show them every aspect of their personalities, their daily life, routine, work etc. They are more interactive with their audience or followers and share various passions and talents. Janni Olsson Deler shares the passion of her designing, fashion and travelling. 


With more than 1.4 million followers on Instagram, she paved her way successfully of her own clothing brand C’est normal. While the brand partners such as iDeal of Sweden and Gina Tricot are also with her on the way.  

Huda Kattan

A complete inspiration to all women, a makeup artist turned to successful businesswoman and beauty blogger, Huda Kattan is the best beauty influencer. On social media, she started with makeup tips and blogging, later her hard work lined up her in the list of most influencer Middle East women. She is the founder of most acknowledges cosmetic brand ‘Huda Beauty’. 


She is known internationally but still devoted to her Instagram audience and continues to share beauty tips and inspiration to all. 

Joanna Gaines 

Joanna runs various businesses with her husband also raised a family. Magnolia market, online store and a brick-and-mortar is one such business providing varieties of lifestyle products ranging from jewellery, sports products to home décor.


She also shares her emotional side and various aspects of the personality as well as daily life. Right now she holds the support of more than 11.5 million subscribers. 

Jeffree Star

Let’s talk about a bit controversy, Jeffree star has re-launched himself in the social media limelight in a bit controversial way but soon acknowledge as a talented lifestyle influencer.  Since very young he was obsessed with makeup and now he is the founder of his own cosmetic brand ‘Jeffree Star Cosmetics’.


He used to post various eye-catching and bold images that are must-watch. His Instagram channel is better to say a place for creative inspiration. If you are interested in beauty and makeup then his inspiring images and recent makeup tutorials are worth watching for you. 

Rachel Parcell

A jewellery designer and a blogger, Rachel is living far from Salt Lake City with her lovable family.


A smart businesswoman and a talented mother of three kids used to share her every moment with her larger audience of more than 1.1m followers. This designer and fashion blogger turned her Instagram account to a creative outlet of her where she posts beauty and style through beauty tips, daily outfits, designing, home-style etc.